Michael Leonard, President and CEO of Nippon Paint Automotive Americas

Michael Leonard

Hello, my name is Michael Leonard, and I am the President and CEO of Nippon Paint Automotive Americas (“NPAA”). NPAA is a full-range supplier in the North American automotive coatings market (pre-treatment, E-coat, body paint, and paint for plastics). We are part of the Nippon Paint Group which was founded in Japan in 1881. Nippon Paint has operations in multiple locations around the world and is one of the largest paint and coatings company worldwide by revenue.

I am honored and excited to lead this great company in one of the world’s most challenging industries during a time of unprecedented change. I believe strongly in our Mission to develop value-added and innovative coating systems for the automotive market with service, operational excellence, and quality as pillars of our business. In doing so, it is my vision that NPAA will be known as the one-company solution in the automotive coatings market throughout the Americas as we work to maximize shareholder value. To help achieve that mission, we are expanding and improving our E-coat capabilities with our new Chattanooga, Tennessee location that will be fully operational in late 2024.

We are proud of our superior technology and innovative products, as well as our on-going commitment to sustainability. We are committed to making a difference with the products we create and the processes we use so that the impact on our environment is minimized. We will be able to do this because of the strong teamwork, commitment, and dedication of our employees who are the main reason that NPAA has been so successful over the years.

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Michael Leonard
President and CEO of Nippon Paint Automotive Americas, Inc.

Our Mission

Develop value added and innovative coating systems for new automobiles that satisfy both automakers and drivers.

Our Vision

In collaboration with our global partners become the leading automotive coatings supplier in the Americas, creating value and inspiring all stakeholders.

Our Values

Mutual prosperity
To achieve long-term growth and mutual prosperity with all stakeholders through unmatched performance and constant improvement.
A pioneering spirit
To sustain the pioneering spirit that led us to become a leader in the global paint industry and constantly pursue innovation and excellence.
To achieve our mission with unwavering perseverance, dynamism, initiative, and integrity, while adhering to the highest ethical standards.

Our Code of Conduct

NPAA follows the “Nippon Paint Group Global Code of Conduct” which sets out standards/requirements of compliance/ethics rules and sustainability that applies to all its global group companies.

Nippon Paint Group Global Code of Conduct

A Global Code of Conduct ensure our people act according to our Purpose and our stakeholders understand how we operate.


We maintain our reputation by conducting our business in a fair and honest way.

We compete fairly
We market responsibly
We conduct business ethically
We comply with laws, regulations and maintain accurate records
We do not tolerate bribery or corruption
We avoid conflicts of interest and are responsible to act sensibly with gifts and entertainment
We prohibit insider trading
We do not compromise on quality or safety
We protect our assets and confidential information
We use technology and innovation to enhance and enrich


We care and work as a team to ensure the safety and well being of all our stakeholders.

We care about people
We work as a team
We embrace diversity
We treat each other and our stakeholders fairly
We provide a safe and healthy workplace free from harassment and discrimination
We act in the best interests of the company
We work collaboratively with our partner companies for the greater good
We act in accordance with the Global Code of Conduct and protect those that speak up


We respect and enrich the environment & communities that we operate in.

We embrace social and environmental responsibility
We respect human rights, including supporting all efforts to eliminate forced labour and child labour
We strive to reduce the environmental impact of what we do
We aim to leave a positive and sustainable footprint

Acting in accordance with the Global Code of Conduct, Speaking Up when there is a suspected breach and protecting others who Speak Up is a responsibility for all who work with us.

Concrete procedures for Speaking Up by employees is provided locally in a manner of no unfair treatment or fear of retaliation to those who honestly speak up.

Our History



Bee Chemical and Nippon Paint Company establish a joint venture in Japan known as Nippon Bee Chemical Company. The company would supply the Japanese automotive market with paint on plastics.


Morton Int. acquires Bee Chemical and changes the name to Morton Automotive Coatings (“MAC”) with a focus on paint for plastic for the automotive industry.


Seibert Powder Coatings founded in Cleveland, OH. Its name is later changed to NPA Coatings, Inc. ("NPAC") and its principal business is the manufacture of automotive and powder paint.


NPAC launches a liquid paint manufacturing facility in Cleveland for supply to automotive OEMs.


Nippon Paint and MAC form a joint venture (named MNC) to serve a growing Japanese transplant business in North America for automotive paint on plastic.


Rohm and Haas acquired Morton International and renamed MAC as Rohm and Haas Automotive Coatings (“RHAC”).


Nippon Paint acquires RHAC and MNC from Rohm and Haas and renames the company NB Coatings, Inc. (“NBCi”).


NPAC launches Surface Treatment Manufacturing facility.


NPA Mexico is established


Seibert Powder division sold to Protech Powder Coatings


NPA Mexico opens a water borne paint manufacturing facility in Silao, Mexico. Also in 2016, NBCi opens a new logistics facility in Hobart, IN.


NPA Mexico constructs an electrocoat manufacturing facility.


Nippon Paint Automotive Americas, Inc. was established for the construction of the manufacturing facility in Chattanooga, TN.


NPAC, NBCi, and Nippon Paint Automotive Americas, Inc. were merged together, all operating under the name Nippon Paint Automotive Americas, Inc. (“NPAA”).

Worldwide Nippon Paint Holdings

Nippon Paint Holdings Co., Ltd. has many dozens of affiliates throughout the world. A complete list can be found at the Nippon Paint headquarters website. Below are just a few of key affiliates:

Mastering Fundamentals While Leading Innovation

A leading supplier of automotive paint and chemicals


Nippon Paint Automotive Americas (NPAA) is an affiliate of the NIPPON PAINT AUTOMOTIVE COATINGS (NPAC) group.

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Our Locations
  • Lansing, IL
  • Cleveland, OH
  • Troy, MI
  • Chattanooga, TN
  • Silao, Mexico
  • Sao Paulo, Brazil